Palm Island Premium now shipped in our display-ready merchandising tray.

Attractive, convenient, multipurpose.

The world's ultra-premium salts of choice are also available in 5 lb. bags and 40 lb. cases.

Carefully packed in food-grade poly bags, or food-grade poly bags inside corrugated cartons.

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With a total commitment to the highest standards of quality and purity, Hawaii Kai proudly presents the bounties of the ocean.

Soul of the Sea®

Harvested from the pristine waters of the island of Molokai, exclusively through our breakthrough "Solar Seal" system, incomparable Soul of the Sea is the only gourmet salt ever to receive the Star Diamond Award for Outstanding Quality from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences.

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Sea Salts and Sesonings

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Palm Island Premium™ Sea Salts and Seasonings

Our best-selling Palm Island Premium line is now expanded from five varietals to twelve—including four unique flavored sea salts and three delectable Hawaiian seasonings. All are packaged in newly redesigned pouches, all are GMO free, and all contain no artificial flavors. Explore the world's most complete selection of premium natural sea salts and seasonings—direct from our home in Hawaii to yours.

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Sea Salts and Sesonings

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Sea Salts and Sesonings now

Note: Hawaii Kai products contain only all-natural and NON-GMO ingredients.