The world's ultra-premium salts of choice are also available in retail packages. Attractively packaged in 6 oz. re-sealable stand-up bags.
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The world's finest line of Hawaiian sea salts and seasonings offers impeccable quality, competitive prices, and authentic Hawaiian heritage.

Palm Island Premium™ Bulk Sea Salts

Unlike some specialty salts, which are mined from land deposits, Palm Island Premium™ begins with freshly harvested all-natural sea salt. We then blend it in a special formula with Soul of the Sea and our exclusive Molokai Ocean Essence® elixir—which locks in the natural flavor complexities, electrolytes, and trace minerals—for the perfect balance of color, moisture, and superb taste.

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Palm Island Premium™ Bulk Seasonings

Handcrafted with the most rigorous attention to detail, all natural and utterly pure, Hawaii Kai’s Palm Island Premium bulk seasonings represent the ultimate achievement in the art and science of sea-salt-based seasonings.

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Palm Island Premium sea salts and seasonings are shipped in 5 lb. bags or 40 lb. cases.

Carefully packed in food-grade poly bags, or food-grade poly bags inside corrugated cartons.

Note: Hawaii Kai products contain only all-natural and NON-GMO ingredients.