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Hawaii Kai premium sea salts for Spa & Beauty.


Top gourmet chefs endorse and use Hawaii Kai sea salts.


From the Heart of Hawaii comes the world's finest sea salts.

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The magnificent Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea Resort on Maui. Their signature "Hawaiian Spa Experience" features Five Baths representing Five Islands, each created with Spa & Beauty Bath Salts from Hawaii Kai.

It's been known for untold centuries: The ocean is not only the source of life, but the ocean's salt-infused waters are superb for skin health. Ordinary salt is 100% sodium chloride, which is terribly dehydrating. But the complete mineral spectrum in Hawaii Kai's sea salts offers a priceless range of natural moisturizing factors that actually improve hydration. For spa and beauty applications, Hawaii Kai sea salts are the ultimate secret ingredient.

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Hawaii Kai's Spa & Beauty sea salts are shipped in 5 lb. bags or 40 lb. cases.

Carefully packed in food-grade poly bags, or food-grade poly bags inside corrugated cartons.

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