If you are a retailer, wholesaler, or distributor and are interested in carrying Hawaii Kai products, please contact:


George Joseph
Hawaii Kai Corporation
(800) 55 4SALT (7258)
(858) 652-4400 Ext 511

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Is it selling authentic Hawaii Kai?

View the list of Authorized Distributors and Suppliers of Hawaii Kai Sea Salt products. Hawaii Kai regularly updates this list for accuracy and relevance.

All Hawaiian sea salts are not the same. Only Hawaii Kai and Hawaii Kai's Authorized Distributors sell genuine, award-winning Hawaii Kai ultra-premium sea salts.


The Hawaii Kai Difference:

• We are the largest sea-salt producer in Hawaii, and the only one able to produce ultra-premium sea salts in commercial quantities.

• Hawaii Kai produces 150-300,000 lbs. of premium sea salts per year, with the capacity to produce more than 500,000 lbs. per year.

• All other Hawaii sea-salt producers together make less than 10,000 lbs per year.

• We own our own land and operational facilities on the Island of Molokai.

• We have onsite staff following strict quality-control procedures in water filtration process, evaporation of sea salt and preparation.

• We own 600+ proprietary Solar Seal® evaporators.

Watch out for:

• Many distributors and suppliers offer "Hawaiian" sea-salt products.

• Just naming a salt "Hawaiian" doesn't make it Hawaiian, nor does it prove its quality.

• A range of "Hawaiian" Black or Red (Alaea) sea salts are for sale through various sites and stores, but don't make the mistake of assuming those salt products offer the Hawaiian-sourced ingredients and award-winning flavor of Hawaii Kai sea salts.

• Watch out for inferior imitations. For example, the black salt named "Hiwa Kai" is not a Hawaii Kai product.