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“Hawaii Kai sea salt is simply delicious as a finishing salt for seafood and steak, it will bring magic to your guests, family and friends”

Chef Bernard, Marine Room, San Diego CA

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Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salt

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Soul of the Sea
Haleakala Red Sea Salt
12 oz (340 g) Jar
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Soul of the Sea
Papohaku White Sea Salt
12 oz (340 g) Jar
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Soul of the sea black hawaiian sea salt
Soul of the Sea
Kilauea Black Sea Salt
12 oz (340 g) Jar
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Our Sea Salt Farm is Located on the Island of Molokai.

Overseen and managed by local Hawaiians.
We also work with and are supported by the following organizations.

Hawaii food manufacturer
Chamber of commerce hawaii

“Solar Seal Evaporation”—Proprietary technology used by Hawaii Kai”

Just a few of the many state-of-the-art Solar Seal evaporators owned and operated by Hawaii Kai on Molokai.

The purified sea water is fed into food–grade solar pans. It is then evaporated without any airborne pollutants.

• EST. 2003 •

For More Than A Decade

Hawaii Kai’s Molokai salt farms have produced the world’s finest gourmet sea salts in commercial quantities, while laying the foundation for a unique, micro-economic business model for Molokai’s residents.

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Awards & Recognition

“[Soul of the Sea] is absolutely essential for cooking and baking… makes food taste more like itself…”

Recipient of the Star Diamond Award for Outstanding Quality from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences

jay leno garage“I always rave about Soul of the Sea and look for it in my favorite stores in Beverly Hills…”

What Makes Us Different

Learn What Makes Our Sea Salt Unique

Because of our unique Solar Seal™ evaporation process, which is completely enclosed, no exposure to the elements, the end result is our beautiful Hawaiian sea salt which is the base for all of our sea salt products.

  • Whole sea salt, meaning it contains a full spectrum of minerals and electrolytes that nature provides from the sea.
  • Ideal pH Balance
  • Only 81% sodium chloride
  • Most sea salt contains over 98% sodium chloride.
  • High in minerals and electrolytes; over 80 naturally occurring trace minerals and electrolytes
  • Because it is rich in minerals and electrolytes, it enhances the flavor of the food it is added to

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Top Gourmet Chef Bernard Guillas Endorses & Use Hawaii Kai Sea Salts

Chef Bernard Guillas on Hawaii kai salt