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Hawaii Kai Sea Salt is Making Waves

Hawaii Kai Corporation Recognized by the U.S. Department of Commerce with Export Achievement Award. George Joseph, President and CEO of Hawaii Kai Corporation, receives the prestigious award from the Lt. Governor of Hawaii, James “Duke” Aiona, Jr., at the Hawaii State Capitol in Honolulu.

CBS News Sunday Morning Show features Hawaii Kai salts.Gourmet salt products at “The Meadow” are discussed. Watch via YouTube!

American Way, the in–flight magazine of American Airlines

“There’s no need to store the gorgeous Soul of the Sea salts—yes, we do mean gorgeous—in your cupboard. Keep these colorful salts…on your counter to add the clean taste of pure sea salt to any meal… Stock up—you’ll never go back to iodized again.”

Martha Stewart

“[Soul of the Sea] is absolutely essential for cooking and baking… makes food taste more like itself…”

Jay Leno, Jay Leno’s Garage

“I always rave about Soul of the Sea and look for it in my favorite stores in Beverly Hills…”

Time Magazine

“Salt is back… step into any upmarket restaurant or food shop, and you’ll discover a love affair with the… most important seasoning ingredient there is,’ says Thomas Keller, owner and chef of swanky eateries Per Se in New York City and French Laundry in Yountville, California. Keller offers… the jet-black Molokai salt… pairs well with foie gras.”

The Molokai Times, “Molokai Shaking Up Salt Industry”

“Molokai’s Cameron Hiro uses sunshine and the sea to harvest salt crystals. As a salt farmer and operations manager for Hawaii Kai, Hiro and his ‘Soul of the Sea’ product brand have been recognized internationally by culinary experts and regular customers.”

Luxes Par Bilan, Switzerland’s luxury lifestyle magazine, featuring our gourmet sea salts. Translated.

“For gourmets, salt has become the ultimate white gold… or black when it comes from Hawaii, maybe because the deep blackness of its crystals is surprising, and also maybe becaue its place of origin makes one dream. The black salt of Hawaii, from Molokai, in the Pacific Ocean… “

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