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Hawaiian Sea Minerals
Pure Ionic Form Natural Sea Minerals with Over 80 Trace Minerals, Elements & Electrolytes
Low Sodium & Non-GMO
Excellent Salt Substitute

•Hawaiian Sea Minerals Harvested Directly from the Hawaiian Sea

•Purest Minerals from the Most Remote Islands on Earth

•High in Absorbable Magnesium

•A Great Salt Substitute for Soups, Salads & Stews

•No Additives, Vegan Friendly & Gluten Free


Double Dipper Salt Box

The Totally Bamboo Double Dipper Salt Boxes with Bamboo Spoons allow you to double dip to your heart’s content! These twin salt and seasoning boxes offer up to 6 ounces in capacity to store salt and pepper or any other favorite combination of seasonings or spices. Each salt box includes a small serving spoon to dole out just the right amount of seasoning for your meal. The boxes nest snugly in a handsome bamboo serving tray that looks great on the dinner table, near the stove or out near the grill. The Double Dipper is crafted entirely from organically-grown Moso bamboo, so it’s lightweight yet durable. Caring for the Double Dipper is easy; simply hand wash with warm water and allow to dry.


Little Dipper
Bamboo Salt Box With Spoon

•Keep salt and favorite spices always within arm’s reach with the Totally Bamboo Little Dipper Salt Box with Spoon. This beautifully crafted bamboo box is an ideal place to conveniently store up to 6 ounces of table salt, gourmet salt, herbs or favorite seasonings in the kitchen. The Little Dipper includes a bamboo serving spoon to dole out just the right amount of salt or spice. The salt cellar is cleverly designed with a notch in the side to store the spoon when not in use. The ingenious magnetic lock and swiveling lid design makes it easy for busy cooks to grab a pinch of seasoning with just one hand. This handy little storage box is great outside of the kitchen too: use it to store jewelry, office supplies, knickknacks and more! Caring for the salt box is easy; simply hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent.


Mini Salt & Storage Box

Our Mini Salt & Storage Box is a great way to have all your favorite herbs and spices handy and “pinchable” while keeping them fresh and tasty.  This box is also perfect outside the kitchen for small jewelry, coins, nuts and bolts, paper clips, guitar picks… Seriously, the possibilities are truly endless.


Small Salt Box

Our Small Salt & Storage Box is just the right size for all your go-to herbs and spices. The elegant teardrop design looks beautiful on your counter too.


Catch-All Spoon Rest

Catch it all… the spicy sauce and gooey gravy that drip from your cooking and serving spoons. Our Catch All Spoon Rest is large enough to handle whatever you throw at it. Away from the kitchen, it can also be used as a beautiful addition to your desk top for keeping your pens and pencils where you can find them.


Small Ceramic Canister

Our small ceramic canister with end grain bamboo lid holds 1-1/4 cups.


Catch all Spoon Rest + 3 Mini Salt Boxes

One Catch all Spoon Rest and 3 Mini Salt Boxes shipped together for your convenience