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The Unsurpassed Purity of Hawaii Kai Sea Salts

An unparalleled blend of unspoiled nature and innovation.

Hawaii Kai’s secret to making the purest sea salt in the world is simple. We extract the purest salt water source and then restrict the introduction of impurities throughout the lengthy dehydration process.

Introducing “Solar Seal”

The art, science, and craft of making sea salt has remained essentially unchanged since prehistoric times. Until Hawaii Kai invented “Solar Seal.”

Ocean water evaporated in the open air…a fine way to make sea salt—if the water and air are free from pollution. Unfortunately, that’s hardly the case, which points to the dilemma faced by modern salt makers.

It takes many weeks to evaporate large quantities of ocean water, which itself is laden with organic and man-made pollutants. During the drying period, the water is exposed to additional pollutants—dust, ash, pollen, bird droppings, acid rain, insects—falling in to the crystallizing salt.

To purify air-dried salt, it has to be boiled and refined, which destroys the essential trace minerals, leaving only sodium chloride. Alternatively, if the salt isn’t boiled and refined, the consumer has to accept the water-borne and air-borne pollutants that inevitably end up in “gourmet” salt.

But the problem goes deeper than that. Consider the main gourmet salt categories: Fleur de Sel and Celtic Gray.

Fleur de Sel means “Flower of the Salt”—the first sodium crystals that appear on the surface as the sea water evaporates. Processors of Fleur de Sel skim off these first sodium crystals and dry them in open-air beds, leaving behind the bounty of minerals and elements that evaporate more slowly and are essential for healthy, savory sea salt.

In making Celtic Gray, the “Fleur de Sel” is not skimmed—an attempt to capture more of the mineral spectrum. But after the long open-air drying period, the salt has to be raked out of the large clay pans, so a lot of clay is harvested as well. The resulting salt is dull gray in color because of the soil included in the salt.

Enter “Solar Seal”—the future of salt-making, only from Hawaii Kai.

We’ve established the proprietary Solar Seal system at our main HK production facility, located on the tranquil and unspoiled Hawaiian island of Molokai. During the entire “closed matrix” Solar Seal process, our source water and the salt it yields are completely protected from the elements and touch only food-grade materials.

1) We start with Molokai sea water—tested to be as clean as any on earth—and filter it via an array of progressively finer filters to FDA bottled-water standards (source water) (P1).
2) The concentrated “source water” is then fed into our extensive, inter-linked array of Solar Seal Evaporators (SSE)—food-grade pans with tightly sealed glass tops-for final evaporation and eventual harvest.

The results

• “Soul of the Sea”®— white “whole salt” of incomparable purity and flavor, an ideal pH balance of 9.37, undamaged from super-heating. Soul of the Sea contains just 81% sodium chloride, with the remaining 19% comprised of 80 naturally occurring trace minerals and electrolytes.

• “Ocean Essence”®—a highly concentrated, mineral liquid yielded in small amounts during the final drying process.


• Pure, de-salinated, delicious drinking water.These extraordinary products of

our Solar Seal technology are the basis for all Hawaii Kai sea salt products.